This website is devoted to our Atkin Ingrid Maitreya. It discusses her preparation and travels.

The boat is 40 years old and has circled the Pacific. We have owned her three years and have cruised her offshore to Southern California, Hawaii, the Puget Sound and Baja. You can catch up with our progress on our blog.

William Atkin, the architect describes the Ingrid:
The lines show a genuine redningskoite -- life boat of the North Sea. As nearly perfect in form as any boat can be. It may be well to mention that man has never built any kind of vessel that will ride out any kind of sea. The sea is a tremendous thing. It smiles today; tomorrow scolds! All of which holds true of water anywhere -- lake, river, harbor, bay or pond. Men who find a livelihood by working the sea know this -- man, child and wife.

The Ingrid descends from the many beautiful double-ended sailboats in Norway in the nineteenth century. The designer of most of these was Colin Archer, a Norwegian with a Scottish name. The "Ingrid 38" plan was actually modernized in 1934 by William Atkin, and published in Motorboating Magazine for the benefit of boat builders everywhere.