Nautical Books We Like
The true story of the pilgrims, the indians, other North American colonies. Fascinating research.
Discusses the laws or lack thereof in international waters. Includes modern day piracy and shipping saftey and environmental standards.
At the end of WWII, the author could find no ship to go from Panama to Australia. So he bought a sailboat and learned how to sail on the way.
If you like Patrick O'Brien's books, read the true story of the man who inspired them.
Retrace Captain Cook's steps and see what impact they had on the cultures he visited.
A great story of a father and son who build a boat and sail it around Cape Horn
The author faces death, divorce and Inside Passage.
The author circumnavigates Briton during the Falklands War.
The riveting true story that inspired Moby Dick.
Reflections on the cruising life.
Required reading during preparation for cruising.
The true story of William Kidd in 1700.
The famous author and screenwriter's love affair with his boats.