Sea Music We Like
An amazing collection of traditional tunes from Bono, Sting, Brian Ferry, Lou Reed, John C. Riley, Richard Thompson, Baby Gramps, and many more. Baby Gramps Video
Who could leave port without hearing Tom Waits' Singapore? Watch Video
The soundtrack of John Luries' bizarre fishing show.
The classic WWII documentary soundtrack. Watch Video
A symphonic collection of soundtrack songs from the best nautical movies of the last 60 years performed by the Cincinatti Pops.
Traditional songs from a guy we know at the Point San Pablo Yacht Club. Some of his music made it into The Pirates of the Carribean. You can see Skip and his band live most Thursday nights at Quinn's Lighthouse in Oakland, California.
Shadow Captain and other songs. David Crosby used to own an Alden Schooner, Mayan.
Includes the 80's classics Sailing and Run Like the Wind. Watch Video
Dolphin Dreams really sounds like those guys playing on the bow wave. Watch Video
Golden Heart, Je Suis Desole and others. Watch Video
Ride the River is definitely a cruising song. Watch Video
Music for musical chairs. Watch Video