Nautical Videos
The 100+ year history of the Transpac Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Very interesting stories.
Incredible old footage of the Peking in 1939 narrated by an eye witness decades later.
Dramatic retelling of the loss of a famous schooner.
The true story of a slave ship.
Dodge Morgan's Solo Circumnavigation. Good book too. May be out of print.
The story of Donald Crowhurst's ill fated attempt at solo circumnavigation.
Interesting and funny interview with the famous captain and author.
Brion Toss' very good tutorials on eye splices.
Lin and Larry's video on heaving-to and parachute anchors. More informaton here.
A very entertaining historical series on par with Patrick O'Brien's novels.
The story of a group of college dinhy sailors sponsered by Roy Disney to race the Transpac.