DesignerWilliam Atkin
BuilderWilliam Hynes
TypeIngrid Double-Ended Crealock Cutter
LOD37' 6"
Beam11' 4"
Draft5' 6"
Ballast12,000 lbs.
Displacement30,000 lbs.(Net)
Theoretical Hull Speed7.34 Knots
Max Recorded Sailing Speed11.6 Knots (18-22 knots of wind, 7 foot seas)
Displacement to Length Ratio496
Length to Beam Ratio3.3
Sail to Displacement Ratio14.8
Capsize Risk1.43
Comfort Factor54.8
Roll Period5.9
Righting Moment30,000 lbs at 30 degrees
Sail Area758 sq.ft.
Water200 gal
Fuel (Diesel)70 gal
EngineYanmar 4JH4E 54HP
PropKiwi Prop 17 inch x 21.5 degrees
Average Fuel Consumption1 gal/hr
Motor Cruising Speed6.5 to 7.2 knots
Motor Cruising Range490 miles (70 hours)
Sail Dimensions
Mainsail325 sqft(a), 12.95m(lf), 4.72m(f), 13.08m(lch)
Staysail180 sqft(a), 9.83m(lf), 3.82m(f), 8.82m(lch)
Staysail Twin200 sqft(a)
Yankee252 sqft(a), 14.31m(lf), 6.05m(f), 9.79m(lch)
Assym Spin743 sqft(a), 15m(lf), 10.54m(f), 13.5m(lch)
Rig Dimensions
I60' 0"
J18' 0"
P63' 4"
E21' 4"
Mast height50'
Otter9' Lyle Hess Fatty Knees

See the article Best Offshore Cruising Boats for an explanation of the ratios above.

Lines of a ketch rig.